Hello! I’m Kevin McGowan and I have been a professional writer for 20 years. After two decades, I have an extensive resume and a lot of unique experiences.

I have vast experience as a technical writer (or if you prefer, information developer), as an instructional designer and course facilitator, and as a people and project manager. Over the years, I have developed 5000-page documents for telecommunications systems, one-page lessons about Microsoft Word, Captivate videos for Canadian judges, and so much more. I have developed several online courses for Algonquin College, and facilitated those courses to hundreds of students.

I have also worked with major media outlets, such as the Ottawa Citizen and Rabble.ca, developing written and audio (podcast) content. I have even written and produced a one-hour documentary for CBC Radio.

Please click on any of the topics on the left to read more about my experience. If you are looking for assistance on a project, I would be very happy to discuss how I could help.